Social Impact
Serving the Community
Shaping the Future

Applying MIG’s capabilities
in hope to activate social impact at scale

Every business has an impact on society and the way that people live their lives, from the products and services they deliver—whether food, mobile communications, education, or utilities. As a responsible business owner to our partners, investors, governments, and non-profits, our principal contribution to society is through our work with them.

We are also committed to social impact initiatives through the way we run our firm. It is in our DNA. As long ago as 2008, at a time when MIG had fewer than 10 employees, we undertook our first pro bono work for the local orphanage homes. A decade later, we address societal issues in a range of ways, including through client work and pro bono projects, by developing and sharing knowledge and through efforts that our people lead. It is our privilege to be able to help the underprivileged community and continue to play our part to improve the society.