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Evolving from a singular brand to an integrated ecosystem

The MIG Group serves as a platform aggregator. The invaluable knowledge learnt from a long involvement in business and from the insight into customers and partners alike has allowed the Group to better understand what customers really need throughout their purchasing journey and to become a highly influential and successful business aggregator. This is further enhanced by, and grounded in, its technological expertise and staying at the edge of the technology curve.


MIG’s business is focused on seven specific platforms, which are: Online Payment Solutions, Executive Education Masterclass, Online-to-Offline Retail, E-Commerce Technology Development, Private Equity Investment, Digital Media Platform and Integrated Real Estate Investment. Because of all these platforms, MIG has created a uniquely integrated business ecosystem that we believe will become the next business disruptor.

Since its rebranding exercise, MIG continued to build on its reputation for excellence by building an integrated business ecosystem. Guided by its unique MIG DNA and brand values, MIG remains focused on delivering long-term sustainable growth and maximizing shareholders value.

Welcome to the age of disruption