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Talent is the cornerstone of any business. At MIG Group, we are always in search of new talent. Young talent that share a common passion, work ethic, and determination to succeed – both for themselves and for the Group. We seek people with ambition, people who are team players, and people who believe they too can succeed if they dare to dream.

Current Job Listings

System Analysis (Internship)
You have the gift of analyzing, designing and implementing information systems, plus you are good with computers? You might be the person we’ve been looking for all this while! We are looking for someone of your capabilities to fill up the position as our System Analyst Executive and Internship at MIG Group.

Event Manager
You can multitask, make split-second decisions, possess strong leadership to lead, works amazingly well with tight timelines and you are excellent with attention to details when it comes to managing an event. If you check all these boxes, you might be our solution! We’ve been looking high and low for someone like you to fill up the position as Event Manager at MIG Group.

Business Development Manager
You enjoy developing close relationships with the people you meet. Money drives you to achieve goals. You are always hungry for success, enjoy hitting targets and numbers excites you. If all these bests describe you, send in your resume and take up the challenge of filling up as our Business Development Manager at MIG Group.

Corporate Consulting Finance Manager
You have an excellent vision for growth and flair when it comes to negotiations. You have immense experience advising clients, about the financial market and you are always craving to excel in your career. We are looking for someone of your capabilities to take up the position as Corporate Consulting Finance Manager at MIG Group.

Assistant Finance Manager
Every successful manager has a robust and dependable assistant highly capable of stepping up to the occasion. If you’re an expert in crafting financial reports, developing impeccable strategies and highly capable of planning for the long term, we are looking for someone of your talent to fill up the position as our Assistant Finance Manager at MIG Group.

So if you are game, write in to us. Log on to https://www.miggroup.co/web/contact-us.htm to fill up your details.

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